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Supp Files and Code for Paul Friedman et al., "Reproducibility of organ-level effects in repeat dose animal studies"

Supplemental File 1 contains the datasets used in MLR for estimation of variance.
Supplemental File 2 contains tabular reporting of input data for concordance analysis and results as percent concordance observed by chemical-endpoint, chemical-endpoint-species, and chemical-endpoint-study type combinations.
Supplemental File 3 contains MLR study descriptors and results for quantitative estimates of variance.
Supplemental File 4 contains odds ratio datasets and results.
Supplemental File 5 contains summarized LEL and HED values, ToxCast assay endpoint information, and calculated AED50 values using library(httk) v2.2.2.
Supplemental File 6 contains the R code used for this analysis and figures in this work, available as a knitted R Markdown file (exported as html). The code (performed with R version 4.2.1).
Supplemental File 7 contains Supplemental Figures 1, 2, and 3.

tcpl v3 and invitrodb v4.0

Supplemental files to accompany Feshuk et al., "The ToxCast Pipeline: Updates to Curve-fitting Approaches and Database Structure", DOI, PMC10552852

HTH295R Modeling Materials

PDF papers, two spreadsheets with modeling outputs, presentation

Supp Files for Foster et al. HTH295R SAR

The supplemental files that accompany Foster et al., "Evaluating structure-based activity in a high-throughput assay for steroid biosynthesis."


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